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Additive antifrosty UP-3, Additives for concrete
  • Additive antifrosty UP-3, Additives for concrete

Additive antifrosty UP-3, Additives for concrete

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Brand:ООО "ФОРТ"
Country of manufacture:Russia

Antifrosty additive for concrete, foam concrete, a fibrobetona, etc.

Antifrosty additive to-20 gr. With

"UP-3" - the Accelerator antifrosty for winter concreting, softener for a smooth set of durability without sharp skhvatyvaniye.

Complex antifrosty additive for concrete, sroitelny solutions and foam concrete unitary enterprise - 3 (a trademark "the Fort unitary enterprise - 3", is issued on TU 5870-001-13453677-2004.) The fort of "UP-3" - the Accelerator antifrosty for winter concreting, softener for a smooth set of durability without sharp skhvatyvaniye, is the multicomponent balanced complex which is applied to production of all types of works as method of winter concreting. Due to the existence in structure of the plasticizing UP-3 component considerably improves plasticity of concrete mix that allows to transport solutions and concrete mixes on distance more than 50 km and to stack in a timbering for the subsequent curing. Provides a standard set of durability of concrete, at works in winter conditions and by production of the national teams of concrete and reinforced concrete designs and construction solutions of different function according to GOST 24211-03 (Table 1, item 3.1). An additive scope - all types of concrete products and reinforced concrete products without preintense reinforcing. The additive works with all types of concrete and foam concretes. The additive the FORT of "UP-3" belongs to antifrosty additives and the additive Dosage in % of the mass of cement depending on temperature is recommended to application by production of concrete works in the conditions of the lowered air temperatures (to -20 °C):

Temperature of t, °C

Quantity of an additive (in %)

0 - 5


- 5 - 10

1,5 - 2,5%

- 10 - 15

2,5 - 4%

- 15 - 20

4 - 6%

At production of products by method of winter concreting in the conditions of the enterprise correction (decrease) of the water cement relation or expense of an additive on 10-15% is possible. At preparation and use of concrete and solutions with an additive directly on construction objects, decrease in the above-stated dosages by 1 - 2% is possible. Use of the modifier the Fort of "UP-3" in winter conditions allows:

  • to increase water tightness of concrete at the subsequent curing;
  • to increase mobility of concrete mixes at negative temperatures;
  • to increase frost resistance of concrete products and to improve structure of concrete;
  • to increase protective properties of concrete in relation to steel fittings;
  • it is considerable to expand a time span of construction works with application of concreting without increase in expenses on heat and the electric power;
  • in climatic conditions where temperature of air does not fall below - 10 about C, application of an additive allows to carry out all types of works on concreting without application of additional measures for preservation or heating of concrete.

Scope Fort of "UP-3":

  • in reinforced concrete designs and products: reinforced concrete designs with not strained working fittings diameter, over 5 mm;
  • designs, and also the joints without the strained fittings of combined and monolithic designs having releases of fittings or embedded parts with the combined coverings (alkaliproof paint and varnish and other alkaliproof protective layers on a metal underlayer), and also joints without embedded parts and settlement fittings;
  • the concrete and reinforced concrete designs intended for operation in nonaggressive and hostile water environment at continuous immersion;
  • in concrete products an additive the Fort of "UP-3" is applied without restrictions;
  • in foam concrete with frothers "PB-2000", "Penestr", "Arekom-4", "Pioneer", "PEVO-6".

At application of a complex additive the FORT of "UP-3" in normal warm and moist conditions (at positive temperatures), an additive is used as the effective accelerator of curing of concrete with the plasticizing effect, by the recommended limits of optimum maintenance of an additive in % to the mass of cement (counting on solid) 0,5 - 0,7%. Characteristics of efficiency of these technologies with application of an additive of "UP-3":

  • production of reinforced concrete without steaming - in 24-36 hours achievement of 70% of the normalized product durability (decrease in energy consumption by 98%);
  • production of preintense reinforced concrete on a cycle - rise in temperature in a chamber to +50 °C within 1 hour, dredging of products from a chamber in 12 hours - achievement of 70% of the normalized durability the FORT;
  • economy of cement to 10%;
  • increase of frost resistance and water tightness on 1 brand;
  • reduction of a rasslaivayemost of concrete mix;
  • increase of an udoboukladyvayemost of concrete mix (increase in mobility from 2-4 to the 7-9th). At the same time, the identical udoboukladyvayemost of concrete mix with an additive is provided at mobility on the 2-3rd smaller, than concrete mix without additive;
  • decrease in water requirement of concrete mix to 10% and increase of final durability of concrete for 10-20%;
  • decrease in water absorption of concrete by 7-10%;
  • in light concrete decrease in water requirement of concrete mix to 12% and increase of durability of concrete to 15%.
  • in foam concrete the dosage, depending on cement brand, is selected individually - minimum - 0,5% maximum - 1% of the mass of cement.

Recommendations about preparation of working solution: Preparation of concrete mix with additives differs from preparation of usual concrete in the fact that in a betonosmesitel together with water of a zatvoreniye the quantity of an additive, necessary on a batch, established at selection of composition of concrete moves. Solution of an additive of working concentration prepares in capacity by dissolution and the subsequent dilution of an initial product. For increase of speed of dissolution of powder about 30-40 °C are recommended to warm up and to mix.

At preparation of "warm" concrete and solution the plasticizing effect of an additive promoting mix preservation is used. When conducting works on the place, the water reducing effect promoting additional acceleration of curing of mix at negative temperatures is used. The checked balance of a combination of the antifrizny and accelerating abilities of each component allowed to determine accurately both settlement temperatures, and additive dosages. It should be noted positive impact of an additive on final parameters of concrete in the conditions of low temperatures (durability, frost resistance, etc.)

Technical specification:

Appearance Powder: from light-till dark brown color
pH indicator 6,5 ± 0,5
Mass fraction of solid 93% ± 5%

Packing, storage and transportation: Polypropylene bags with a polyethylene insert on 20 kg. It is transported by any kinds of transport (low-dangerous freight). To store in not opened original packing in the dry room, protecting from influence of sunshine. Period of storage – 1 year from the date of production.
The additive is multicomponent and incomplete dissolution it does not provide full efficiency of its action! Packing, manufacturer's guarantees: Packing - polypropylene bags with a polyethylene insert on 20 kg is issued in a powdery look. A danger class - the fourth (low-dangerous substances). An expiration date of a bulk complex additive - 1 year from the date of production. Storage conditions it is necessary to Store an additive in the conditions of excluding its moistening, in the closed aired rooms, tiers in 4 - 5 rows.

Brand:ООО "ФОРТ"
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 24.01.2019
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