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Insulating mastic Himtorgproyek
  • Insulating mastic Himtorgproyek

Insulating mastic Himtorgproyek

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Country of manufacture:Russia

Scope: The Obmazochny waterproofing of concrete surfaces, elements of the base, the wooden designs which are in soil.
Description of material: Insulating mastic - structure on the basis of insulating bitumen, organic solvent, softener, a filler.
Characteristics: The mass fraction of nonvolatile substances, %, not less - 80 Temperature of a softening of the dry rest, ºС, not less - plus 50 Water absorption during 24 h, % on weight, no more - 2 Time of drying, at 20 ºС, h - 24-48 Flexibility on a bar, mm r=5, at a temperature minus 5 ºС - cracks is not present Water tightness within 10 min., with a pressure of 0,03 MPas (0,3 kgfs / sm.kv) - the Expense - 1,0 - 2,0 l / m.kv Works passes test: Before application, carefully to mix insulating mastic on all volume. If necessary dilution by white spirit, solventy or gasoline-solvent is possible. During the work in the conditions of negative temperatures, it is recommended to warm insulating mastic in teplyaka within a day at a temperature not less +15ºС. When putting mastic, the surface has to be dry, previously cleared of dirt, the fragile remains of an old covering, snow and frost. The porous bases need to be processed a bituminous primer. To smooth out rusty metal surfaces mechanically and to process the Bitumast rust solvent. Damp surfaces are recommended to be dried by means of gas torches. Mastic is applied by means of the pallet, the painting roller, a brush, a mop. Insulating mastic is allowed to be used at a surrounding temperature not below minus 5ºС and lack of rainfall.
Storage: To store in densely closed container at a temperature from minus 30ºС to plus 50ºС. To protect from influence of moisture and direct sunshine, far from heating devices and open sources of fire. Not to store in premises and in contact with food. To keep in the place, inaccessible for children. A warranty period of storage on condition of tight packing - 24 months.
Precautionary measures: Not to use in the inhabited and closed rooms. Insulating mastic is flammable! To carry out works with insulating mastic in the open air, not to smoke. To exclude existence of heating devices and open sources of fire. Not to allow hit of insulating mastic on integuments, in eyes and a gullet, to apply protective suits, gloves and points. At hit of insulating mastic on skin - to remove with rags and to wash away pollution by soap water. At hit of waterproofing mastic in eyes - to wash out a large amount of flowing water and if necessary to ask for medical care. At hit of insulating mastic in a gullet - not to cause vomiting, immediately to ask for medical care and to show the label.
All information and recommendations provided in this Information Liszt are based on modern scientific and technical knowledge of this product. The persons receiving this product are responsible for right understanding and interpretation of information provided in this document when using or at contact with this product. The producer has the right to change or supplement the existing information without additional notice.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 27.12.2018
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